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TOPIC: Useful TTT Commands/Binds

Useful TTT Commands/Binds 1 year, 9 months ago #128788

ttt_radio imwith < 'Im with ...'
ttt_radio yes < 'Yes.'
ttt_radio no < 'No.'
ttt_radio suspect < '... acts Suspicious.'
ttt_radio traitor < '... is a Traitor!'
ttt_radio innocent < '... is Innocent.'
ttt_radio see < 'I see ...'
ttt_toggle_disguise < Toggle Disguise with Disguiser as T
+zoom < Zooms in normal servers, but in TTT servers it opens the menu with ... is a Traitor, etc.

-Enabling the Developer's Console & Binding-
Press 'Options'
Go to the 'Keyboard' tab
Press 'Advanced'
Check the box Enable developer console.
Press the '~/`' key.
For Ex. : bind mouse4 "ttt_radio traitor"
!Notice! If a command has empty spaces, it needs the asterisks! ("")


ttt_print_damagelog < You can do this as Non-Admin at the end of every round and the preparing of the next one, it'll print all the damage and kills done saying [innocent], [traitor] and [detective]

ttt_print_playercount < Prints total player count, good for selecting maps

ttt_avoid_detective < Can be set in the F1-Settings menu but also in console as a value (1/0)

ulx who < Shows who's on the server and what rank they have, so you don't have to ask if there's an admin on, you'll see it yourself ( For Ex : 25 |FP| Darkreaper superadmin )

ulx motd < Shows the Message Of The Day

ttt_disable_crosshair < You can disable crosshair if you want for added realism as a value (1/0)

ttt_health_label < Shows what other people see your health as Healthy/Wounded/Etc. set as a value (1/0)

!rtv < Rocks the vote, if enough players do this, there'll be a map vote.
@*INSERTMESSAGEHERE* < Talks to admins, good if you're RDMed, don't abuse.
!motd < Shows the Message Of The Day


Have a nice day! :3

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Re: Useful TTT Commands/Binds 1 year, 9 months ago #128791

It's not that I don't appreciate it, it's more that nearly everything is already on this stickied thread:
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Re: Useful TTT Commands/Binds 1 year, 9 months ago #128804

Oh, I didn't see that, well I guess I'll list some kinda-useful commands that are not in the sticky.
Thanks for notifying me!
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